Pittsburgh 11th Ward
Democratic Volunteer Corps

Voter Registration - Spring 2018

Join us this spring for our voter registration events.
Visit our Facebook page for up-to-date information.


We are committed to building a powerful, engaged, active group of Democratic volunteers from the 11th ward of Pittsburgh. Our goal is to support the work of the Democratic Party by increasing civic engagement, voter registration and turn out in the 11th Ward. By mobilizing our neighborhood, block by block, we seek to empower ourselves and our neighbors, strengthen the social fabric of our community, and elect Democratic candidates at all levels of government.

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Voter Registration

Our Goal: All eligible voters in the 11th Ward are registered to vote.

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Civic Engagement

Our Goal: Have discussions with our neighbors about important issues.

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Voter Turnout

Our Goal: Increase percentage of Democratic voters heading to the polls on election day.